E3D socks

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Keep a clean block.

Socks keep you insulated

3 pack of non-stick silicone socks for e3d V6 style heater block with thermistor cartridges. They will not properly fit the screw-washed clamped thermistor style E3D-v6 Block.

They fit the new cartridge style thermistor blocks. If a dirty nozzle is a pet-peeve of yours, get a sock pack today. The silicone sock will keep your V6 clean and free of burnt or blackened plastic as well as keep heat in hotend and off your print. Even with abrasive prints, you will easily get 100+ print hours out of a single sock.

The covers simply push onto the front of the hotend with no disassembly - they will be a tight fit when first pushed on cold. When hot, the silicone will expand to the correct size to fit the hotend snugly. The elastic material will fit all nozzle sizes in the range from 0.25mm to 0.80mm.

Product Details
Specifications Non-stick high temp Silicone Keep your nozzle clean Long lasting Keep heat off your print