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A CNC machine for everybody - making has never been so easy!

What is an OX?

An OX is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machine used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, plastics, and foams. So instead of routing your material by hand, a CNC router allows the tool path to be controlled via CNC and you get to sit back and watch the magic happen while your machine performs the grunt work.

See your next machine in action!

Why do I need one of these machines?

If you are a maker, hobbyist, crafter, or just a “tinkerer”, then this machine is for you! His and hers projects combine to bring a fun, money-making experience to your household and/or workplace. From furniture, sign making, and home decor to musical instruments, prototypes, and RC parts, the sky is the limit to what you can create!

What do I need for this build?

Spoiler board, USB cable, controller/computer.

So what are these things?

  • Spoiler (or waste)board is the board you attach stuff to that will get machined. We suggest a piece of MDF board from a big box store near you.  
  • USB cable.. Well we all know what a USB cable is and actually if you choose the all in one control box (PRO) you will not need this. Which brings us to the next point.
  • A CNC controller/computer the machine needs a brain. We have options for you!

CNC/Computer - A number of our OX builders are moving up from a previous "getting you feet wet" machine. These guys and gals may have dug deep into the control systems and are comfortable with their set up. Awesome! The only requirements you need for the Ox is to make sure it can drive  four quantity 2.8A bipolar stepper motors. NOTE : If you do not select a controller (PRO or Simple) you will need to supply your own power supply for your controller, a controller, and wires to run to the motors and spindle.

If you are just high stepping right past the "getting your feet wet" machine, and ready for this monster... perfect we offer two options that make this system truly plug and play! 

1. Hobby-Fab All-In-One Controller Simple - all the electronics to drive the machine, properly selected just for our machine and pre-programmed for your machine inside one box! The simple drives the machine with a computer you supply connected to the box with a single USB cable!

2. Hobby-Fab All-In-One Controller PRO - all the electronics and the kitchen sink! Just joking, kinda. The PRO includes a Raspberry Pi with the best gcode sender we have found pre-installed! Plug a monitor, keyboard and mouse into this box after you build and start cutting immediately! 

See more details here. 

Even better : Assembly tools included. No drilling, tapping, or soldering required.


 Want the specs and comparison with some other kits?

Options - We got those. 

First the earlier mentioned All-In-One control box - Making wiring a breeze!

Size - from 500x750mm to 1500x1500mm, need a custom size between these, just ask. We unfortunately cannot go beyond 1500mm.

Laser - not many systems adapt a laser into the system so easy!  Click the button and have a 2.8W ready to go laser system with safety glasses included in your shipment. Easily controllable, two machines in one!

Dust boot - the awesome SuckIt dust boot  company makes a specific beautiful solution specifically for our OX CNC kit. 

CamBam - already have a CAD system you like but want an easy to use, well supported, CAM system? CamBam will fit the bill without a huge bill.

Vectric V-Carve PRO. The hottest Light CAD/ Full CAM solution on the market for windows users! Download a free trial version and learn while you wait on us to get your awesome kit to you. 

Lead time - We need about 10 business days to make sure your custom kit with all options is ready for you!

So what exactly included in the kit?

  1. Tools to build the kit
  2. Four quantity 2.8 amp NEMA 23 stepper motors
  3. Extruded aluminum beams cut to length
  4. Machined gantry plates
  5. Fiberglass reinforced GT2-3M GT Belt drives and pulleys
  6. 600 watt spindle and dedicated power supply/ESC and machined spindle clamps
  7. Barrier blocks and limit switches pre-installed to make wiring a breeze
  8. All hardware and wheels

This really is a easy to build system with everything one needs to create amazing projects, helping you turn your concepts to a reality! 

Why buy from Hobby-Fab?

The differences are pretty remarkable!

  1. US phone support, try it now - 346-33-6500. Got a question, give us a ring! Not a phone person? Cool try contact@hobby-fab.com.
  2. Our machined gantry plates are made here with 1/4" U.S. aluminum. Our spindle clamps are also made right here out of 1/2" U.S. aluminum. 
  3. The extruded aluminum is from a U.S. supplier.
  4. We do not believe a hand router should be strapped to a CNC machine all our machines have full Gcode controllable spindle speed.  
  5. Super easy to read and use instructions plus videos! The manual is located to the left of this product description under the specifications tab.

We have these kits all around the globe, we have seen people start with a dream and create a full blown business. We have had major universities and fortune 500 companies add these machines to their tooling to complete task from operating precise camera systems to using them as pick and place and large scale 3D printers. The kit has quickly moved to one of the most popular CNC router kits on the net. 

Custom cabinets, guitars, RC planes, clock makers the sky is the limit! Let us help you turn you concept into reality!

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