Panucatt M1 controller

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GRBL controller

GRBL CNC control at its best! The Gradus is easy to update and can handle high power. 

The Gradus M1 PRO is a 4 driver / 3 axis CNC controller running GRBL v0.9.
It accepts pololu style drivers like the SD8825, SD6128, and A4988.
It also has sockets for the newly developed Bigfoot driver profile which features a larger footprint to accommodate higher current drivers.

We couple this driver with our CNC kits. An example to wiring the M1 can be seen here:
Product Details
Specifications Runs GRBL v0.9 CNC firmware (pre-installed) v1.1 is also being tested 48V Max input with onboard 5V switching regulator 4 driver slots using pololu style drivers. 4 driver slots using new Bigfoot driver profile 3 axis(X, Y, Z) with 1 available driver slot for slave mode (Y-axis) Isolated USB using ADUM4160 chip 3 Home/Limit switch inputs, ESD and EMI filtered 3 extra inputs for Feed hold, Cycle start and reset. ESD and EMI filtered Probe input. ESD and EMI filtered 2 outputs available for Flood and Mist PWM Spindle control 0-10V VFD spindle control (experimental) Terminal block I/O connectors Emergency stop pins (reset)