BondTech QR 3D printing extruder

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3D printing etruder

The BondTech QR extruder is a top of the line extruder; it utilizes two drive wheels and a geared stepper to grip the filament and push it through a super huge nozzle or a super small nozzle. The power of the BondTech extruder can assist you to reach your speeds and details you have been looking for. Now featuring a quick release lever for easy filament changes.

The BondTech extruder:

  • Allows for Bowden or direct feed. The housing will separate easily by removing two bolts and mounting your hotend or adding a Bowden Coupler (for sale soon).
  • Integrated mount for the E3D-V5 / E3D-V6 Hot End or others using groove mount standard
  • DualDrive drive gears are CNC-machined in hardened steel for maximum lifetime and performance
  • Index feature that aligns the extruder housing against the extruder mount, making sure the hot end stays perpendicular to the print surface
  • Tool-free easy access>
  • Feeds material in both directions
  • Recommended motor current setting: 1.2A
  • Recommended voltage: 24V
  • E-steps setting: 490 steps/mm
  • Available for 3mm or 1.75mm filament.
  • Composed of high quality machined parts and SLS printed bodies.
  • The geared stepper is a 5.18:1 ratio, bipolar NEMA stepper.
  • Mounts available that easily adapts to most printers.
  • The pneumatic fittings are high quality and fit PTFE tubing that is 2X4mm and 4X6mm. Available here
  • Mount is now sold separately.
  • and as always, is completely opensource.

Get your hands on this extruder and see what your machine is capable of!