E3D Upgrade for 3D printer

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Block and sock upgrade

Give your old E3D V6 a face lift! 

Contains all you'll need to upgrade your standard E3D v6 hotend to the new Sock & Thermistor Cartridge Block.

The previous versions of the E3D V6 hotend V5 and most older V6 used a bead type thermistor, and a heater block that accepted and clamped the wires of the thermistor.

The block and sock upgrade takes the same thermistor and houses it in a metal cylinder. The new heater block has a pass-through hole for the thermistor and a better clamping method.

The block and sock upgrade also includes the silicon sock. These reduce the amount of heat the actual print sees. 


New style heater block

Cartridge style thermistor

3 x Silicon sock


Product Details
Specifications V6 cartridge-style heater block Silicone Sock V6 (x3) The new cartridge thermistor Thermistor cable Fixings